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Homes.comNot only does allow home buyers and sellers to ask questions, but it also offers the opportunity for real estate professionals like you to answer these questions and address their concerns.  Furthermore, this isn’t only for agents; there are a variety of questions that still need to be answered in different areas of the country that range from financial inquiries, to home building, to mortgage rates and even consumers asking for opinions.
If you haven’t explored the Q&A Community yet, we encourage you to do so sooner rather than later. Engaging with these individuals quickly and often could be the reason you reel in a listing this week.  If you don’t want to take our word for it, take a look at this testimonial from Pamela Dubois from Long & Foster Real Estate:

“I was able to gain a new listing by providing a quick response to a question posted on Even as other agents were answering the same question, my dedication to quickly follow-up with the client allowed me to not only discuss the client’s situation more through email, but to also set an appointment to discuss their specific needs in person and I got the listing paperwork signed!”

5 Steps to Gaining Trust as a Real Estate Professional in the Q&A Community:

  1. Create and Complete your MyHomes Profile. See our MyHomes Profile Quickstart Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your profile. Be sure to add your photo so inquiring individuals can put a name with a face and endure a personable experience. This strategy also makes you more memorable than agents without photos, which can also potentially build a rapport more quickly and heighten the chances of them reaching out to you again.
  2. Set Alerts to Unlimited. Once you are within your MyHomes profile, click the Questions and Alerts tab and add the areas in which you work. (Don’t worry, you can add as many as you wish.) There is also the option to designate the type of questions you would like to receive alerts for (mortgage questions in Atlanta, for example). Then, set your alerts to unlimited in all of your marketing areas.
  3. Prompt Responses. We all feel important and appreciated when questions are answered quickly, because it gives us a feeling of importance. Be quick with responses as Pamela described above and you may experience something rewarding as well! After you make this potential homebuyer feel important and special, this may be the reason they follow up with you.
  4. Relevant and Valuable Information. As you respond be sure to answer their question directly and do not try to make a hard sale for yourself here. The Q&A Community is for you and consumers to interact with each other; it is meant to be a safe place for these home buyers and sellers — a place they feel they can go without feeling pushed. Once they know they can trust you, they will come to you for more questions and possibly even follow up with you directly outside of the Q&A Community.
  5. Top Contributor. You can get FREE advertising just by engaging with consumers through the Q&A Community. picks the individuals that contribute the most relevant answers and features them at the TOP, so if you are devoted and consistently engaged in the Q&A Community, every 30 days you could be shown as a Top Contributor on the national, state, and local levels. Be sure to engage in all pages if you would like to maximize this opportunity for FREE advertising. If you make the Q&A community one of your first stops in the morning along with checking your email, you may see an increase in engagement and, before you know it, your picture could be at the TOP of the Q&A pages.

Share your Q&A experiences with us below. Have you gained a new client or listing because of introductions through this platform?