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Real Trends ( has just released their 2012 Online Performance Study. If you’re a real estate agent or broker and a partner with, you already know how effective our website is for generating leads. This report emphasizes this point, stating that has more engaged visitors and better quality traffic than our competitors.

While is absolutely a top referral site to brokerages, that’s not the end of the story – sends an average of 291 referrals per month, which is far more than many other top real estate portals in the study!  Those referrals are from over 11 million monthly visitors and 160 million page views sees in a single month.  Furthermore, it is not only the number of views we get that is impressive – it’s the type of visitors we see. On average, our visitors click on more web pages and stay on those pages longer, meaning they’re more engaged in what they see. According to Real Trends, this is one of the top referral rankings in comparison to our competitors.

Online research is becoming the go-to method of the real estate industry. This Real Trends study says that 90% of consumers did online research before buying their first home. By putting your listings on, you can be exposed to a whole world of referrals you otherwise might not see. By partnering with, you and your brokerage increase your chances of closing a deal significantly!

Shouldn’t your listings be on If you want to start off the new year getting better quality leads, look no further than right here. The findings of this Real Trends study show that is your clear choice for getting your business and your brokerage out there.  Take a look at our advertising options and enhance your action plan with online marketing in 2013!

To see the full report by Real Trends, click here.