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At the Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Conference that took place in Las Vegas this week, speaker Madison Hildebrand from discussed the importance of building a local presence for real estate professionals. Creating a strong local Internet presence offers an opportunity for real estate professionals to differentiate themselves from the competition and reach out to prospects all across a certain area. So how should you harness this opportunity? Here are 5 tips for you to take control in your market:
1.       Establish yourself as a local expert through blogging. Have blogging included in your marketing efforts, distribute your content on multiple sites (Twitter, Facebook) and add a link to your blog on your website. In addition to creating a strong local presence, you’ll also begin to enhance your search rankings for local real estate search key phrases.

2.       Get endorsements. Did you know that 78% of consumers trust peer reviews and only 14% trust advertisements? This is why it’s crucial to be involved in your community and have a good reputation[1]. Be active on sites like where they allow you to get endorsed or receive testimonials from your clients.

3.       Participate in online communities. In addition to the Internet becoming more localized, it’s also becoming more community driven. Reach out to local online communities and build up a presence for yourself there. One way to do so is through Q&A communities where you can share your knowledge and offer real estate advice to those seeking it.

4.       Take advantage of all the free social media tools on the web. You can establish and foster relationships with current clients, prospects and peers. Research where your audience is located, but sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are some great ones to look into.

5.       Network, network, network! You never know who your next client could be. It could be the cashier helping you check out, it could be a fellow soccer mom or even your spinning instructor! Be sure to advertise what your services are-in a non aggressive manner-so others will look to you with questions when it comes time to buy/sell.

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[1] Marina Arnaout; Are These Social Media Trends of 2011 Part of Your Strategy;; February 2011

Photo Source: Map & Push Pins, MIL8