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Homes.comSee Part 1: The next big thing in real estate marketing: QR codes

Now that you have your QR codes, you are ready to tap into this valuable new marketing resource. How can you ensure you are making the most of this new tool? Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure the website your QR code links to is optimized for mobile viewing. YouTube, for instance, views well on mobile browsers.
  • Remember that consumers may not be familiar with this technology, as it is new and rapidly evolving. When you display a QR code, include a few words explaining that they can view more information about this listing including photos or video by downloading a free mobile app.
  • There are also several different types of QR codes, so be sure to note which one you are using. Make sure you link to an app that can read the code you have selected, as well.
  • Additionally, include a message on your landing page thanking the visitor for scanning the QR code. If your QR code links to a video, make this your introduction. Including a welcome message like this will help put this new technology in a more readily understandable context.
  • Consider using QR codes in your direct mailing marketing. QR codes have great potential for increasing the ROI of direct mailing by making it that much easier for the consumer to make the leap from paper to the Web. The nontraditional visual appeal of QR codes may also catch consumers’ eyes who would otherwise not be engaged by your postcard or flyer. QR codes also make it easier to track the ROI of direct mailing, so you can get a better idea how this strategy is working for your business
  • Incorporate QR codes in an elegant visual way in your print marketing. Don’t just cram it into a corner with no explanation, let the image breathe with some blank space around it and a few words explaining what the code is and how to use it.
  • Include a tiny URL (available at Google and other sites) along with the QR code for those who are unable to figure out the scanning thing.

Experimenting with the emerging technology can be a great way to brand yourself as a hip, knowledgeable and tech-savvy agent, someone who will be of great use to consumers.