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Looking for a way to connect with potential leads and direct more traffic to your MyHomes agent profile? You can be featured in the Questions and Answers Community as a top contributor for FREE! Advertise your knowledge and expertise to buyers and sellers by answering more consumer questions and become a featured Q&A contributor!

One of the most important things a real estate professional can do for his or her business is to establish a good reputation. The National Association of Realtors reported in 2010 that buyers identified honesty and trustworthiness as well as the agent’s reputation as the most important factors when choosing an agent. Establishing your reputation can be as simple as asking your clients to write endorsements that will appear on your agent profile, you can also go the extra mile by actively demonstrating your value to potential clients in the Q&A Community.

The Questions and Answers Community offers a great opportunity for real estate professionals to connect with buyers and sellers. By answering consumer’s questions about real estate, you can demonstrate your value to them as an agent and build credibility in their eyes.

And now, not only can real estate professionals establish a good reputation with potential clients by answering their real estate questions, you can also be featured as a Top Contributor on the National, State and Local level Q&A pages! The top contributors section will pull those agents that have answered the most questions in the last 30 days, so the more questions you answer, the better your chances of being featured!

Visit the Questions and Answers Community today to connect with consumers! Answer the most questions in your area and get spotlighted as a top contributor!

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