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In our last article, we highlighted the first five of the 10 business principles offered by Austin Allison and Chris Smith in their book “Peoplework: How to Run a People-First Business in a Digital-First World,” as introduced during’s Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, “10 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2014, People First Not Technology.”

Allison, CEO of dotloop and Smith, co-founder of, say that their 10 basic business principles can offer opportunities to brokers they’ve never had before that will help grow their profits in 2014 and every year after!

“A lot of these principles helped to build my career and they can help anyone” Smith says. “For us, peoplework is about stepping up and putting the people first.”

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The sixth principle of peoplework is all about investing in great service. The concept of “Service is Marketing” answers the question of, “how do we reduce overhead and cost to service a customer”?

“Real estate is a people business and the best form of marketing is great service,” Allison says. “Invest more heavily in service. Pull dollars away from marketing and put them into service to deliver a better experience for the customer. Word of bad service gets spread around much faster than good service, so it’s important to focus on this.”

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“Businesses are Built on Communities” is the concept behind principle seven. This principle is important to Allison because today’s consumer is so well connected. Fostering this communication and building your business around it will make connecting with clients and prospects that much easier.

“We have more friends or friends connected to us through the web and it’s easier to create noise. While it’s easier to connect, it many ways, it’s more difficult to really connect,” he says. “The businesses that create communities and thrive on their own are the ones that thrive”.

Smith continues by saying that communities don’t happen by accident and mentions how Apple Computers created a system of communication that streamlines their connection with their consumers. According to Smith, making communities has never been as easy.

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Stay focused on always doing what you love. “Passion Powers Profits,” this principle encompasses the idea that if you put your mind to something that you are passionate about, good things will happen. In short, always keep your eye on the prize.

“In the peoplework era, it’s tempting to chase money or prestige,” Allison says. “What will produce the maximum amount of happiness and wealth is following your passion. No is the new yes and When you align your decision making with your purpose and passion, you’re not saying no to anything that would have taken away from your business anyways. When you focus on your passion, it makes it easy to say no.”

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Surrounding yourself with great people. This revolves around the “Stars are Made in Hollywood” principle,” in which Allison compares the real estate industry to Hollywood in the sense that all the right people are to succeed.

“This becomes more important in the peoplework era as nobody succeeds alone and the more you can surround yourself with great people, the more successful in life you will be,” he says. “Surround your business with the best people aligned to whatever passions cause you to wake up in the morning. At the end of the day, your success will be about the people surrounding you and the environment you put yourself in.”

An example that Smith likes to use to enforce this concept is the Chicago Bulls. Although Michael Jordan was an amazing NBA player, the team would of never won as many championships as they did without surrounding him with players like Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen.

“You have in real estate a team that is trying to grow and no one is immune to people,” Smith says.”Make your business about people who can offer different things, but are still great.”

Resolution 10

Write your own story and make it happen. Peoplework involves a world of business’s working with other people instead of other businesses; principle 10 emphasizes “Only You Can Write Your Story.”

“Only one person will decide what difference you make in this world and that’s you,” Allison says. “The bad news associated with that is it’s on you. The good news is there’s never been a time in society where it’s been more accessible for people to write their own story. The main thing to take away from the peoplework world is to identify your passion, visualize it and make your story happen. Don’t let anything stand in your way.”

Try putting people before technology in 2014 and see how it helps your business grow. Check out the full recording of 10 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2014, People First Not Technology at the Secrets of Top Selling Agents.