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Lead Generation

According to a California Association of Realtors® study, traditional agents earn $36,700 annually. Internet agents earn more than $100,000.

Where is this real estate gold? Mostly, it’s online. The percentage of home buyers who begin their search online is north of 85 percent and climbing, while sellers begin researching listings, neighborhood information, home prices and more long before contacting a real estate agent.

Internet agents were identified as those who generate 70 percent or more of their leads from online efforts, sold one home each month as a result of online marketing efforts, and who realized that their livelihood depends on how well they attract prospects online.

Internet agents don’t waste time duplicating what the Internet does-they complement Internet information with their own neighborhood knowledge, marketing and transaction skills. They begin where the Internet leaves off. Why is it that so many real estate pros don’t focus on prospecting and lead generation? One reason is that many of today’s most important prospecting strategies, including search engine marketing, email, social media, mobile marketing and direct response-are not key skills for many real estate pros.

Two skills you must master are evaluating leads and optimizing your marketing mix. Only you can identify the most effective lead generation strategies for your practice and local market. Then, it’s a matter of ramping up the effective activities while eliminating unproductive activities and driving down costs.

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