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Prospecting is the backbone of any business. As a salesperson, especially a real estate agent, feeding the marketing to sales funnel is one of the most important daily tasks.

So how do you continue to create new, fulfilling ways to build the backbone of your business? The simple answer is to get out in your local market and prospect often to collect more contacts, thus returning more clients. But today, there are many, simple efforts you can do to build your prospect list. Here are just a few:

  • Prospect Online. Use your online marketing strategy to capture information from listing inquiries. Each time you receive a lead, phone call, text message or email, from an interested buyer or seller, add it to your prospect database. Managing a prospect database is as simple as maintaining an Excel spreadsheet with each prospects’ name and contact information. Additionally, make sure your online ads click through directly to your personal website so you can direct them to other pages where you can collect their contact information.
  • Participate in Online Communities. Question and Answer communities enable you to connect with home buyers and sellers and show your real estate expertise. These communities are dedicated to all topics of real estate and provide a place to build relationships through answering questions asked by buyers and sellers in your local area. To get started, sign up for question alerts on the Questions and Answers Community.
  • Start a Blog. Another great way to show your real estate knowledge is to start your own blog on your personal website. Write daily or weekly blogs with home buying and selling tips to your local market. The more information and knowledge you show, the more likely a prospect will trust you, ultimately choosing you to be their real estate agent.
  • Connect Using Social Media. Use your Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as your personal website to post sign ups for your e-mail alerts and newsletters. Click here for tips on making the most of your social media marketing efforts.
  • Collect e-mail addresses at Open Houses. Apart from the pesky neighbor, people that come to open houses are interested home buyers. Always make sure to have a sign up sheet at every open house and tell your visitors that the e-mail address and phone number are required. It is a good practice to fill out the first line of your sign in sheet with fake information, people will usually fill out the same fields as the person before them did.
  • Run a Sweepstakes. Hold a contest for people who sign up to receive your e-mail alerts and newsletters. Promote your contest on your social media network, website and at your open houses and offer a prize such as a gift card or a free home estimate.
  • Prospect wherever you go. Prospect around your area at local events, parties and fund raisers. The more you are intertwined in the happenings of your community, the more prospective clients you will meet. Also, it’s a best practice to have your past clients and friends prospect for you. You can ask them to mention your name when real estate is a topic of conversation and give them a stack of business cards they will have on hand.
  • Forward to a friend. Be sure to include a forward to a friend link on all of your e-mail alerts and newsletters. This will encourage your recipients to forward it to friends, co-workers or family members who may be interested in real estate information.

There are so many ways to prospect out there, but be sure to keep your lists organized and up-to-date. Also, be sure to include an unsubscribe link so subscribers can be removed from your list if they do not wish to receive your e-mails anymore. Once you’re organized and building your prospect list, you’ll quickly see the benefit of keeping regular contact with them, not to mention quickly turning those prospects into future clients.

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