Connect API

Connecting Your Leads and Your Listings to ALL Your Systems

Listing data, online leads, and past contacts that enter the Connect database can now be synced with other real estate systems such as CRM tools, marketing applications, and transaction management systems. No more double entering information from one system to another!

There are many powerful tools to help the real estate industry grow and become more efficient. However, sometimes too much of a good thing can make things complicated. Most agents today use multiple tools to manage their business. The Connect API simplifies the data management process to ensure that homes for sale, leads, and contacts, along with their activities, are seamlessly connected across these platforms.

If you are interested in becoming one of our Approved API Partners and connecting your real estate technology to’s database of listings and leads, please explore the technical details.

If you have a real estate business and are tired of trying to maintain your listings, leads, and contacts in multiple marketing systems, and are looking for a simpler way to integrate all the best tools into one centralized database, contact our team for a free consultation.