As an agent, you work diligently to make sure that your real estate business is doing its very best. Part of growing a real estate business is working with people you are not familiar with. Usually working with new people is an exciting perk of a real estate career, but you should always be aware of the potential dangers involved with meeting strangers. 

Your safety should play an integral role in your career. Whether you’re doing a showing, traveling in the car, or just beginning the paperwork for the sale or purchase of a home, you should consider how you can protect yourself should the situation call for it. 

Open Houses

When working an open house, you will be going into home to show it to potential buyers. Prior to hosting the open house,  tell a coworker or your broker where you’ll be and how long you’ll be there. One option to make sure everyone knows where you will be is to set a calendar invite and share it with your colleagues, making sure to include the date, time, and location of where you will be. 

Also, when you host an open house, pay close attention to those who enter and leave the home. Before you lock up at the end of the open house, go through the house to make sure that everyone has left.When checking the home to make sure that everyone has left, you should make sure to do this safely. You can try leaving the blinds fully open to the home or maybe go through the home with a colleague on the phone with you. 

In the Car

As a real estate agent, you likely spend large quantities of time in your car. Make sure you stay safe by taking regular precautions to avoid any breakdowns. 

Take your car in for regular maintenance as needed so that your car is able to perform at its very best. And, as a general rule of thumb, make sure that you keep the fuel in your car at least half full. 

Identification and Meeting Someone New

Identity theft is alive and well, especially in the real estate world. When it comes to filling out important paperwork, or even just meeting a new client, make sure you verify the identification of the potential client. Ask for at least two forms of identification when there are major documents that need to be signed. 

When it comes to meeting someone new for the first time, take the extra step to meet the new client in a public place such as a local coffee shop or your office. Taking this step to vet the potential client can help ensure that the person is who they say they are and that they are truly interested in a home. 

Staying safe as an agent is incredibly important for you. You will be working with many new faces and showing many homes for sale. While you’re busy helping active clients, don’t let your new leads slip through the cracks. Check out Lead Concierge for help answering incoming leads.