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Preferred Agent

When advertising your real estate listings online, the most important thing is making sure they stand out. Whether you accomplish this by displaying an unlimited amount of photos, specific home descriptions or prominent listing placement on a real estate website, these features could make or break a persons interest in the home.

But, wouldn’t it make most sense to advertise your real estate listings to the best of your ability with all of these features? On we offer agents the opportunity to attract the most attention to their listings with Preferred Agent real estate advertising.

What is a Preferred Agent on Well, Preferred agents receive the most visibility for both their real estate listings and their business in many locations on Preferred Agents feature their listings in both their local city and zip code search results, plus feature them in their MyHomes Agent Profile. (If you don’t have a MyHomes Agent Profile, you can sign up today, it’s FREE).

With a MyHomes Agent Profile, agents are featured in the Agent Directory, which features the agent and their personal contact info in local agent search results; however, only preferred agents, can also feature their listings directly in their profile. You can read more about the features of a MyHomes Agent Profile on this blog.

But, that’s not all. Check out the many more benefits of Preferred Agents on

  • First and foremost, in order to stand out to buyers and sellers alike, the agent, their real estate listings and contact information are highlighted in green, everywhere they are featured on Plus, listings of Preferred Agents are the only listings that are featured with unlimited photos and a customizable sash!

    Did you know that listings are ordered in city and zip code search results based on the total number of photos? Thus, with no photo limits for Preferred agents, they are given the advantage of having their listings shown at the top of the first page of their local searches. All they need to do is add as many photos as they want and their listings will naturally rank higher on the results pages on

  • Every Preferred listing on boasts three contact forms so homebuyers never miss the chance to connect with the listing agent directly! Each contact form includes the agents photo, multiple methods of contact information and a link to the agents profile on Homebuyers who are interested in a specific listing can choose how they prefer to contact the agent (email, cell phone, etc…) or fill out the contact form directly on the listing detail page. Every time a home buyer submits a contact form for a listing, their information is sent directly to the Preferred listing agent as a real estate lead via text message and email.
  • Preferred agents on are also provided a unique call tracking number for each of their real estate listings. A call tracking phone number enables the agent to track each and every call received on their real estate listings, plus pull reports based on each received call and/or specific listing. You’ll never lose a lead again with this unique feature on your real estate listings!
  • Preferred Agents can also feature their hand-entered listings to over 30 Listing Partners of Agents can choose exactly which sites they prefer; but, combined, and their real estate listing partners reach over 20 million monthly visitors! It’s up to the Preferred agent as to where they want to feature their listings online.

    Additionally, your real estate listings are also featured as Preferred on the mobile real estate search applications including the Apple iPhone, Blackberry Storm, and the Google Android.

The key to making the most of your real estate advertising is making sure you stand out! On, Preferred Agents stand out in every local market! To become a Preferred Agent on, you can sign up directly online or find more information here.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs with more information and tips of Preferred branding on