If you’re anything like me, your social media newsfeeds look a little something like this: millennial major life announcements (OMG yayyyyy, congratulationssssss!), political news (woof!), world events, and Pokémon GO! Pokémon GO, a new gaming app for iOS and Android devices, has taken over social media and day-to-day activities, and is primed for the sizzling hot summer real estate market! Or is it?  

If you’re already playing it, and wondering if you should incorporate into your real estate business, I have a few examples on how you might use and maximize your game time at the same time! The popularity of this app could help you boost open houses, help buyers find their dream homes in dream locations, and even build credibility as the local expert.  Still not sure?  I’ll show you the ropes and how you can use it to catch all the millennial buyers!

So what is Pokémon ? Here’s a brief rundown. Pokémon soared to popularity in the late 1990s-early 2000s as a Japanese anime cartoon with main character, Ash Ketchum, aspiring to be the best Pokémon trainer in the world. The Pokémon are mythical creatures in various shapes, sizes, colors and abilities. Ash’s goal is to “capture” these creatures, and “train” them to fight others. In the Pokémon GO game, you are the “trainer” and it is your job to capture, groom, train and “evolve” the Pokémon into lean, mean fighting machines! The game’s augmented reality technology is some of the best on the market, harnessing the power of Google Maps  mixed with video game technology, forcing users to physically get up and get outside and explore the world around them in search of these mythical creatures! One of the popular attractions in the game are “Poke Stops”, real world places you visit to gain essential items in the game! Examples of Poke Stops can be anything from a bus station, a popular mural or an office building. If you need to get your 10,000 daily steps in, using this app will surely help since you have to move around to find the Pokemon! Here are four ways to incorporate Pokémon Go into your business.


















Pokémon Go for Listing Exposure

So now you have an idea of what exactly this game entails, now the real fun can begin; how can you use it to benefit your real estate business? When preparing for an open house, and trying to draw as many possible prospects, think about how you might drop some popular Pokémon GO terms into your listing description! It makes it fun and lighthearted, and you can attract a new type of millennial buyer you may not have reached otherwise! Here’s an example:

open house



















Once you’re at the open house, send out some Facebook, Twitter or SnapChat updates about what a great location it is, some of the great stops you passed along the way, and you guessed it– Pokémon GO attractions! Maybe this neighborhood features several gyms close by, lots of Pokéball stops, or a great assortment of creatures roaming! Whatever the case may be, share this information with your followers! If folks come to the open house just for the creature in the backyard, make sure to turn those lemons into lemonade and ask for referrals– there’s always a way to drum up business!


Helping Buyers Find Their Dream Neighborhood

As a real estate professional you know how rewarding it is when your clients finally find their dream home. For your Pokéball GO obsessed buyers, putting them on neighborhoods or locales teaming with great game attraction could help make the difference in a sale, or seeing another listing. The attractions in the game are real world structures, so long after the game has lost it’s initial glow, those wonderful attractions will still be there! Even if your clients are unsure about an area, or want to get to know a prospective neighborhood better, a Pokémon GO walk can help push them into going under contract.


Build Local Credibility

When you visit your industry partners, make sure the app is open to see what sort of Pokémon creatures inhabit that area! If you find something you’ve been wanting to catch, post it to social, and be sure to share where you caught your elusive creature!

Local business are also getting on the Pokémon GO trend too! Businesses in Norfolk are catching the Pokémon fever and publicising some of their coveted creatures, numerous Poké Stops and much more!! Our zoos, aquariums, colleges and beyond are posting pictures and status updates inviting folks to come explore! You could take advantage of that, be at these great places, and talk to people! Chances are, a lot of potential prospects are at places, catching Pokémon , strike up a conversation, introduce yourself, you could either have a new friend or a potential lead! Either way, get outdoors and explore what your community has to offer!

PicMonkey Collage

















Speaking of great community offers, if you specialize in relocation services, publicizing the great attractions in your community are the perfect way to attract potential leads and clients; adding the layer of Pokémon GO to the equation helps keep everything relevant and shows your audience that you’re on top of new emerging trends. Solid gold!

Local Market Reports

We all know that local market reports are not always consumer friendly or easily digested by the masses, but Pokémon GO could help change this. Use this trend to your advantage, and make these seemingly boring reports something fun to read! It will help boost your exposure and credibility! Write up a mock market report, but insert Pokémon GO terms throughout! Don’t forget to mention high inventories of Poké Stops and beautiful homes for sale, various landscapes that attract a wide range of creatures, fun places to go for the whole family, and much more!


Fun Team Building

If incorporating Pokémon GO into your social strategy seems like a stretch, think of using it as team building exercise for the agents in your office or your team. Divide into teams, go on an adventure together and become a stronger unit, all while getting exercise and enjoying the great outdoors! Make it competition with a prize if you really want to take the fun to the next level.

Pokemon GO popped up overnight, but may offer a new way to reach millennial buyers and sellers. If leveraged properly, it might help you have your best summer season yet. Using social media and current trends to your advantage is a great way to stay in the conversation.  Need help with your social strategy? Homes.com Social has you you covered! Give our team of Social Media Account Managers a call for any questions, concerns, or battle strategies at 866-236-0313! Set yourself apart from the pack, be the agent clients flock to! Remember, just like Pokémon , the world is filled with differnt homes– get out there!