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Pinterest is a pinboard site that you can share a variety of different things and you must see to understand.  For real estate professionals, beware this can be addicting and quite fun! We suggest maybe starting to play around with Pinterest on your free time just in case you get distracted with all the fun during working hours.

Stay tuned for our Pinterest for Real Estate Professionals blog series! This blog will show you how to get started. In our next Pinterest blog, we will tell you at least 10 ways you can use this great site for your business and our 3rd Pinterest blog will include etiquette rules.

Install the Pin it Button

    • After your account is created this “Pin It” button will be the tool that grabs the image from the site you are pinning and paste it for you on Pinterest.
    • Go to
    • Click under ‘About’ and Go to ‘Goodies’ on Pinterest

Create your Boards
Followers on Pinterest can create a variety of boards from food, to pets, to home repair tips, to new construction in Atlanta. Our next blog will show you our top ways a real estate professional can utilize boards on Pinterest. Each board is a set of pins similar in some way and you can distinguish them to your liking. Users can add as many pins to a board as they want. To create a board click Add + at the top of the Pinterest Toolbar and you will be prompted to easily create your board and name it whatever you like. This is also where you can add a pin!

Now its time to PIN!
Pinning is when you post something on a board usually an image from the Internet and you can use one of the ways we mentioned above. Finding things to ‘pin’ online is NOT your only options you can also upload your own photos from your phone or computer. The ‘Pin It’ button is the easiest way to Pin, but once you get started you may not be able to stop! Not only can you Pin, but you will start seeing what your followers are pinning and you can repin – what? Repin! Yes, its a never-ending cycle of pinning, liking, repinning and basically more exposure for your properties and business. Want to know how? You will have to stay tuned for our next blog!