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Social networking is an important asset for any broker to use when promoting their business, which is why you’ve probably already started using Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. While building a reputation on these channels is definitely important, there is one social site that continues to go unused by many brokers but can be very effective.

Pinterest offers many opportunities that other networks do not, mainly being the ability to crowdsource the content you share.’s first real estate industry Pinterest contest, “Pin it if your Love it,” generated a total of 4,000 pins and repins that increased followers by 420 percent in page views, 782 percent in site searches and 500 percent in leads. This exposure was invaluable and it was all made possible by Pinterest. Now that we have your attention, wants to explain why brokers should be taking advantage of Pinterest to promote their business.

You may be surprised that Pinterest is the third most popular social network in the U.S. in terms of traffic. In fact, it has actually sent more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. This site allows you to organize information and photos about your listings in a way that others can freely share it with friends and family, allowing them to do your marketing for you. This has become known as crowdsourcing and it’s a great way to mine collective intelligence, assess quality and process work by simply giving tasks to a large group of people.

Pinterest is so valuable because it utilizes the power of digital media and everyone knows how effective a photo or video can be in real estate marketing. Say that you have a listing in a specific neighborhood that you are trying to promote. By setting up a Pinterest board specific to that location, users can now comment and share their experiences with that particular area. Word of mouth is a consumer’s most reliable source during a purchase decision, so their feedback regarding the schools and points of interest of the area will be more valuable than any document highlighting the areas features.

Promoting listings isn’t the only thing brokers can benefit from using Pinterest it’s also just a great way to drive traffic back to your websites. As of January 2012, American users spent an average of 97.8 minutes on Pinterest. This means that there are ample opportunities to be discovered and since home related searches are the number one category on Pinterest, there’s a good chance they will be looking for your content. If you have great photos of staged homes, pin the photos and provide recommendations on how to make a house really stand out. Link to any designer or stager that have helped you to gain even more recognition as being someone that they want to continue following on Pinterest.

For those of you that need a little guidance on how to fully take advantage of everything Pinterest has to offer, has some great tips to build your visibility on Pinterest and other social channels using Social Impact and Concierge Service. Consider these tools as your social media assistant, as they allow you to monitor and coordinate all of your social efforts in one easy to use location. If you’re having trouble coming up with content to share, then’s content marketing ideas can help you keep your clients and prospects interested in what’s going on with your business. has plenty of resources to help brokers and agents step up their social strategies and consumer guides that provide even more value to your clients and prospects. To get your Pinterest account up and running, download the free Pinterest white paper and watch the “Pinterest for Real Estate” presentation to get even more information on how to full benefit from this site.