Friday at the 2011 ERA International Business Conference in Las Vegas, Matthew Ferrara, President and CEO of Matthew Ferrara & Company, spoke on real estate marketing for the next generation. Mr. Ferrara points out that real estate today was built by Baby Boomers, for Baby Boomers. That’s great, but the next generation of buyers and sellers are not Baby Boomers! What they value is a lot different than what we have been prepared to sell. Hence the problem.

He challenges real estate agents to “go where no real estate professional has gone before.” And part of that concept is to start selling homes the way buyers want to buy, not the way sellers want to sell! Real estate professionals need to market to tech-savvy, quality-focused consumers.

How does he recommend doing that? Real estate professionals need to think “outside the box” as cliché as that sounds.  Don’t be misled by the notion that there is only one way to sell a home or attract a buyer.
Another tip is to bridge the gap between what you know and what you do about it. You know that today’s buyers have changed. They’re receiving information on different platforms and deciding on their own how they want to use that information; they’re innovative and they have high expectations. Bridge what you know about them with what you’re going to do about it. How are you going to reach them on their level? How are you going to provide information to them? How are you going to incorporate technology into your business so you can meet their expectations? These are all questions you need to think about in regards to your marketing strategy. While they may be technologically savvy, that doesn’t mean they are real estate savvy. This is your opening!

Figure out what you have to offer a home buyer/seller that differs from other agents. Define your specialty and how you can market that to the tech savvy consumer in a way that will appeal to them. It’s time to “Go where no real estate professional has gone before” and use what you know to get those LISTINGS!

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