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Starting in the next few weeks, Homes Connect will be offering a new series of training webinars. These monthly webinars will cover a number of instructional and beneficial topics concerning your Homes Connect product. The goals of the new webinar series will be to empower you as an agent to take control of your marketing and branding, all through maximizing your Homes Connect platform.

Monday: Maximizing the Marketing Apps
Gain in-depth knowledge of the marketing tools and applications available within your Homes Connect product. Find out how Homes Connect internal tools can help promote your business to a wider audience or help your brand gain footing. This webinar is helpful for those just starting out with their new Homes Connect platform and for those established clients looking for a little more experience.

Tuesday: Search Engine Optimization Tips
Reaching a wider audience through search engines is paramount in today’s online landscape. Learn important fundamentals of SEO and how they relate to your Homes Connect product as well as insider tips on what you can do on our own to boost your exposure. A great webinar for anyone looking to expand their SEO knowledge base by learning what new trends are arising but also accessible to those looking to take on their own optimization.

Wednesday: Learn About the Marketing Center Powered by Imprev
The Marketing Center powered by Imprev is available to clients with most Homes Connect products. This powerful tool employs classic marketing tools such as business cards, flyers, brochures, with modern designed graphics and appeal. During this webinar you will learn how to use the Marketing Center powered by Imprev to design your own marketing materials as well as other ways to help spread your brand’s message.

Thursday: Generating Leads with Homes Connect
This webinar class will cover all the ways you can use your Homes Connect platform to generate leads for your business. Learn different marketing strategies, lead catching design ideas, and word usage tips that will help attract leads to leave their contact information with you. Gaining the trust of your potential clients is one of the best ways to guarantee a sale.

Friday: Learn More About Social
During this monthly webinar, discover the marketing benefits of’s newest marketing platform, Social. Social is also another way to directly connect with potential clients by using the power of various social media accounts. Taught by one of our social media experts, you will learn how Social can help raise your visibility and your brand’s awareness on some of the most popular social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

We are excited about these new editions to the webinar training calendar and can’t wait to explore these topics with you! To sign up for these or any of our other webinar series, go to and check out our training calendar!