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We have added new content to our MLS Webinar Training Series

“What is Your Online Presence? – Learn the 202One Digital Handshake” 

We have recently added a NEW webinar to our Special MLS Webinar Training Series.  When the world was forced into a digital world due to the pandemic, you and your members had to respond overnight. Now that there is some daylight, it would be beneficial to take a look at your online strategy, presentation and outreach. Can clients find you? What will they find? In this new training webinar, your members will learn how to take their professional qualities they have spent years acquiring and present them online. Google Search is looking for the same things. This huge shift in the way the average person uses online services and video communication will not go back. When we return to what we will think is normal, your digital presence will remain important.

This webinar will also show your members how to access their free Homes.com Connect account. There will be a demonstration on how to adapt these lessons to set-up your online profile and utilize your lead aggregation tool, LeadGator. 

We know your members are good in person, we will help them succeed in the digital world. In recent weeks we hosted this training webinar for Stellar MLS, Miami REALTORS, and UtahRealEstate.com, RMLS; and had over 700 registrations. 

“Who could have guessed that a global pandemic would accelerate the need for your online presence to be razor-sharp – Homes.com’s Digital 202One Handshake program will help you do just that, and prepare your online image for the post COVID world too!”

Terry B Romel

Information Services Manager


If you are interested in co-hosting this webinar for your MLS, please reach out to indev@homes.com to schedule a date.