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Your Listings Have Been Posted to

How many times has a conversation between a seller and their listing agent started with the seller asking a question like “where are you advertising my home?”

As a real estate agent, I’m sure you’ve heard this question countless times. Therefore, it’s easy to agree on the importance of pleasing your sellers. After all,
even the simplest of real estate advertising stands as a reminder to your seller that you are actively advertising their home to prospective buyers and determined to work with them in selling it.

With this idea in mind, there’s good news for real estate agents who are featuring their listings on Now, each time one of your listings go live on, you will receive a listing notification email. Within this email, you will not only see each of your listings that are now live on, but you also have the opportunity to please your sellers by showing their home live on the site too!

Here are some tips for making the most of your listing notification email:

  • View your listings. Make sure you view your live listings on Here, you can familiarize yourself with the many features available to the homebuyers who are viewing your listings, plus check out your listing details and personal contact information. To view your listing, simply click the “View Listing” link to the right of each of your listings in the notification email. To add features to your listing, such as open house information or more photos, just log into your control panel.
  • Forward the email to your sellers. As we’ve previously discussed, you know how important it is to please your sellers. That’s why has provided you an easy way to show your sellers that their home is advertised online. If you don’t want to forward the entire email, simply copy and paste the URL of the listing on and forward it to your seller.
  • Feature your listings through the Listing Partners. offers it’s listing agents the ability to send their hand-entered listings to over 30 online real estate partners of their choice. To start sending your listings to any of these sites, just log into your control panel and click on “Listing Export Settings”
  • .

If your listings are not on, you can post them directly online today! Just pick the package the best fits your business and start reaching active home buyers in your local community today.