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Keeping in touch with your leads and contacts is one of the primary ways to create repeat business. How do you do that? With a great, easy-to-use leads and contacts management tool. Where do you find one? Well, provides a free leads and contact management tool for every agent. And, good news, your lead and contact management tool just got even better with the launch of the new “Setup” page!


The new setup page brings together all the tools you need to collect your leads, contacts, and connections from across the web. This makes it easy to login to your account and easily access all your leads. The setup page can be found under your App menu’s Leads and Contacts category and allows you to do the following:

Lead Gator Setup / Zillow Tech Connect: Automatically send your leads from sites like, Zillow, and Trulia to your lead and contact manager.


Import Contacts: Upload client lists and spreadsheets from your computer to your lead and contact manager.


Export Contacts: Easily create a call list by exporting your contacts into a formatted CSV file. Just select your criteria and export!


Manage Contact Categories: Make it easy to sort and find your contacts by assigning searchable categories. Add, edit, and remove contact categories here.


Connections: Import your social media contacts and connections here to easily send them email campaigns, listings, and more.


If you have any questions about using your Leads and Contact center, give our support team a call at 866-774-2947 or reach us by email at! Not a member of  Create your free profile here!