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We have great news for our Homes Connect clients! We’ve completed an upgrade to our Lead Forms on your listings. Now, when you enable New Lead forms, when users want more information on a listing, all they have to do is provide their name, email address, phone number, and zip code. That’s it! 

Previously, they had to create an account in order to view additional listing information. In the event that a potential home buyer was doing a quick search for listings and found that they didn’t have time to fill out the form, they might have skipped over the listing to save time. Now, with these quick lead forms, they’ll be able to get more information with less effort!

With this change, you should see an uptick in connections, just in time for the slower holiday season.

To enable this switch, follow these easy steps:


  1. Go into your Homes Connect dashboard.
  2. Click on Website Overview.
  3. Click on User Registration Options.
  4. Where it says Which registration option would you like to use for property searches and views? select the third radio button down.
  5. Where it says Which registration form would you like to use? select the radio button that says Basic Lead Capture.

You’re done!

We hope that you enjoy this new upgrade to your Homes Connect listings. Comment and let us know if you see better results!