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If you love your Homes Connect product, we have some great news for you – it just got even better! has just released a FREE feature enhancement for the Homes Connect platform that is perfect for busy real estate agents like you! Now, you can send an email to clients or prospects faster than ever!

NOW Introducing: Email Templates with Predetermined Content!

You now have access to five professionally predetermined “Contact Templates” which are branded with your information to cover several scenarios. Your choices are:

    • Generic Email: This template is blank, which allows you to customize the content based on any subject matter you may wish to cover.
    • Listing Driving Directions: This template lets you insert detailed driving instructions for an upcoming showing.
    • New Listing Posted: Let your contacts know easily when you’ve posted a new listing.
    • Open House Alert: Send open house details to your contacts without having to draft up a new email from scratch.
    • Thought This Might Interest You: See something online you think your prospects or clients may appreciate? This template allows you to send it to them with ease.

Once one of these templates is selected in the Homes Connect platform, the email will become automatically populated with the template’s specific predetermined content. Then, you can easily and quickly edit for your own personalization. Because we know you’re busy doing what you love, we think this free enhancement will allow you to spend less time writing emails and more time selling real estate.

To try out this new feature just follow these steps:

  1. Open your Homes Connect dashboard
  2. Select Email Marketing, then Email,
  3. Select the Form Email radio button.
  4. Select the Email Template from the drop down menu.

Don’t hesitate to let us know how this great new feature is helping you out! We love hearing from our customers! If you have any questions concerning this new enhancement, give our service team a call at (866) 774-2947.