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Thanks to search engines like Google and Yahoo!, we are all used to being able to type in exactly what we want in a search bar and see thousands of results instantly appear. Well, your Homes Connect website is taking a page out of these sites’ books with its new Featured Keyword Search feature!

With the new Keyword Search, visitors can hop on your website and filter through your listings by entering in their own keywords. If they just want to see your lakefront properties, they can type in “lakefront” and watch your listings appear. Same for “lofts” and homes with a “fireplace” and any amenity your clients and prospects can dream up, so long as you’ve created a featured search for those keywords.


To create a featured search:

  1. Log in to your Homes Connect dashboard.
  2. In the dropdown menu, click on the Listings app. (NOTE: Be sure to click on the square button, not the link that says “Listings”.)
  3. Click on Featured Searches.
  4. Click on Add New Featured Search.
  5. In the Search Name box, enter a name for your search (for example, “Properties with pools”).
  6. In the Marketing Descriptions Short Description text box below, enter in the word that, when entered in the search bar on your website, will pull listings containing that word (“pool”, for example).
  7. The Search Type and Display Status should be defaulted to “Featured Community” and “Display to Public” respectively. Keep those the way they are (or change them, if they aren’t defaulted as such).
  8. Click the orange Save Featured Search button in the right hand corner.

And that’s it! From then on, whenever someone enters that specific keyword into your website search bar, they’ll be able to find all of the listings you’ve got with that particular keyword.

Additionally, you can create up to six buttons for featured searches that can go right on your homepage. For instance, if you live by the beach and a lot of your listings are beachfront properties, you can create a “Beachfront” button to go on your homepage. That way, when users click the button, they’ll see all of your listings that contain “beachfront” in the description. So if you take the six most searched for terms and create these buttons, your clients will have fewer steps to take in order to browse your most popular properties!

This will make your website much more user-friendly, which will make your clients and prospects much happier! And isn’t that what this is all about?

If you’ve got any questions about the new Featured Searches on your Homes Connect website, don’t hesitate to contact our service team. We’re always happy to help make your real estate business run more smoothly!