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Facebook-Advertising-2291With all the content being shared on Facebook, even the greatest content strategy can fall victim to the “noise” of social media. However, if you’re willing to dedicate some extra time and money, Facebook advertising can help you stand out from the crowd.

Facebook advertising, when properly managed, provides a low-risk, high-reward way to promote yourself and your posts on social media. Thanks to Facebook’s recent ad updates, you have more opportunities than ever to promote your business. Here are the four most recent Facebook ad changes and how they can promote your real estate business.

1. Call Now Button 
The new “
call now” feature is ideal for real estate agents or offices who want to promote their listings through Facebook Ads. Users see your phone number displayed and can click to call you directly through the ad. The great thing about this feature is that it skips over a whole step of the funnel. Now users can call and connect with you instantly right from the ad, rather than having to click through to your website or Facebook page first.  

2. Carousel Ads 
While the
carousel ads themselves are not new, they are now available on both mobile and desktop. Because this ad form gives you the option to display up to five images all in one ad unit, agents and offices can show off each of their available listings while still promoting their brand. By taking advantage of a user’s natural inclination to swipe through images on mobile, carousel ads are a perfect way to advertise your favorite listings. It could even increase your click-through and conversion rates. In fact, according to Facebook, a recent ad user saw three times more conversions and 85% better click-through results when using carousel ads.

3. Updated Ad Tools 
Facebook has also revamped their Ads Manager to increase functionality. With this new tool, advertisers can see how their current ads are performing while creating new ones. This is helpful since they can see what’s working now and then replicate it in their new campaigns.

Another new feature is bulk-editing, which allows advertisers to manipulate their targeting and budgets for severals ads at once. This can help save huge amounts of time when you’re managing multiple ad campaigns.

4. Ads Manager Goes Mobile 
Designed for small to medium businesses, the
Ads Manager App allows for more convenient management of your Facebook Ads. Through the app, advertisers can create new ads, make edits to existing ads, track campaign performance, revise budgets and more.

While creating Facebook Ads can help draw attention to your brand, it’s also important to manage your business’ Facebook Page so users can connect with you and your brand socially. If you’re looking for a way to get the most engagement from your social media efforts or need help getting started, the Social team can help. Social is a comprehensive social media suite, designed specifically for real estate professionals who are looking to better connect and engage with their audience.