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Local Ads have been one of the most popular advertising products available from Their streamlined design and simple accessibility has made them one of the most sought after marketing solutions here at Within the past few weeks, has launched Mobile Local Ads, for those searching on their smartphone or tablet device. And since then, connecting with clients and featuring your business has never been easier. has recently introduced a new enhancement to the Homes Connect and MyHomes dashboards as well, the MyHomes Local Ad Builder.

The MyHomes Local Ad Builder allows you to make any necessary changes to your advertising on anytime you wish. Change profile pictures, add social media links, showcase properties, and more. All of this information is accessible and editable through the MyHomes Local Ad Builder located within your current Homes Connect and MyHomes dashboards.

Step 1: Getting Started


After logging into your Homes Connect dashboard, use the dropdown menu and guide yourself to the “MyHomes” section, clicking on the link for “AdBuilder.” After clicking the link you will see the first section of the AdBuilder, your contact information section.

This information is automatically populated from your Homes Connect account but you can alter any of this information at anytime. You can also choose how you wish to be contacted through your advertisement, adding a particular website for clients to click through or even replacing office numbers to personal ones. Once you approve or change the contact information, click “Save” to confirm your choices.

Step 2: Your Brand, Your Message


Below the contact information is the “Customize Your Ad” section. This will be the place where you can edit your advertisement’s verbiage. Your ads will appear on the top and on the right side of your purchased city/state or zip code areas; each one of these sections presents an unique opportunity to spread your brand’s message. To get a better sense of how your ads will display, you can also click the “Preview Ads” button. This will display a pop-up representation of how clients will view your ad when searching your area on

Step 3: That Personal Touch


After previewing your ads, you will want to enter text to the fields provided in the “Customize Your Ad” section for either the top or right side ads.

The advertisement that appears on the top is a perfect chance to place your personal motto or your company’s tagline along with contact numbers. Enter any information you to share in the fields “Line 1” and “Line 2.” Social media icons will also display in the top advertisement along with your agent photo and office logo.

The right side advertisement is an area where potential clients will be greeted with a personal message, be able to view contact info, and directly contact you while on as well. The right side block ad can showcase a specific property of your choice as well! This is a great advantage for your current clients too; you can show them another unique part of your marketing strategy as this advertisement will be showing to many, many people during its run and possibly with their property along side.

Step 4: Stay Connected!


You can also add your social network links to your ads too, giving your future clients one more way to connect with your business. Sections for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are available and as mentioned before, these social media icons will display on your advertisements. You can also choose whether you’d like your advertisements to link to your personal website or your profile page.

Step 5: Preview and Save!


After you have entered in all your information, you can review your ads by pressing “Preview Ads” in the Customize Your Ad section. Again, this informative view will give you a chance to see your ad as your potential clients would. If you are satisfied with the way the ads look, press “Save Changes and Go Live” to confirm your changes and complete your Local or Mobile Local Ad. Your new content and edits will be visible on and mobile browsers very shortly afterwards. A few minutes of review your information and your advertisement is ready to go – it’s just that easy!

Connecting to Clients has Never Been Simpler!

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