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Now that you’ve signed up for your MyHomes Agent Profile, let’s give you 5 quick, easy tips to maximize your free real estate advertising with

Remember, the easiest way to benefit from your free real estate advertising on is to frequently engage homebuyers, especially through the Questions and Answers community. The more you participate, the more opportunities you will have in generating free leads via your MyHomes Agent Profile.

Here are 5 Tips to Maximize your real estate advertising results on

    • Tip 1: Add Cover Areas. By default, all MyHomes Agent Profiles are setup with only one coverage area – your office location. However, allows you to select up to 5 coverage areas of your choice. These 5 coverage areas should be the cities where you want your profile to show up in the Agent Directory. To set up your coverage areas, sign into your MyHomes account and go to the “My Profile” section. Don’t forget to click “save” when you’re finished updating.

    • Tip 2: Add Client Endorsements. Agents are ranked according to the number of client endorsements in the Agent Directory. So, the more endorsements you have, the higher you will rank in your selected coverage areas. To increase your coverage areas, click on the “endorsements” section of your profile. In this section, you can send invitations to clients, family and friends via email. Once they submit an endorsement, you must approve it in order for it to show up in your profile. Remember, the higher you rank in the search results, the greater your chances become of connecting with active home buyers who are searching for a real estate agents in your coverage areas.


    • Tip 3: Answer Questions in the Q&A Community. The Question and Answer community connects homebuyers currently searching for real estate with local agents who are able to provide them real estate information. Within your MyHomes Agent Profile you are able to set alerts for your local coverage areas in order to be contacted when questions are posted in your areas of choice or topics of choice. You can select to be contacted each time a question is posted in your area or you can select your specialty topics of choice. For example, you may be an expert on local schools or neighborhoods and a perfect agent to give advice on those local topics. Or perhaps you prefer to be a buyers agent. With the Questions and Answers community, you can choose to be contacted every time a buyer posts within the “Buying a Home” sections of your chosen coverage areas.You can also manage any of your questions or answers within your MyHomes account. Remember, the more you participate, the more connections you will make. So start connecting with home buyers in the Question and Answers community today!


    • Tip 4: Set unlimited Q&A alerts. The Questions and Answers community is different than Agent Directory. With the Q&A community, there are no limitations to your coverage areas. In fact, you can set an unlimited number of market areas surrounding your primary advertising area. By setting alerts in ALL your local market areas and in ALL question categories, you will maximize your opportunities on! To set alerts for the Questions and Answers community click on the “Q&A” tab in your MyHomes account.EXTRA TIP for Q&A – Be a quick responser. Don’t become a non-responder statistic! To ensure you never miss an opportunity to connect with homebuyers on, connect your MyHomes account to your smart phone. Connecting your account is as simple as using the same email address that forwards to your phone as your contact email address in your MyHomes account. This way, you’re guaranteed to receive an immediate email each time a new question is posted in your area. You can edit your email address in the “My Profile” section of your MyHomes account.How important is it to respond immediately? Let’s take a look at a few statistics:

      93% of real estate agents who are the first to respond, win the lead

      48% of all Internet inquiries go unanswered, which not surprisingly, is the leading complaint from consumers

      30% of questions posted on from consumers go unanswered!

      Just ask James Sharpe of Crown Realty about the importance of immediate response. Here’s what James had to say:

      “I have notifications come straight to my cell phone so I can be the first to reply. My latest client was someone who asked a question about one of my listings and because I answered them so promptly, they hired me as their Realtor.


    • Tip 5: Add your listings to your profile. Are your listings on Adding your listings to not only showcases your listings in the city and zip code search results, it also features your listings in you MyHomes Agent Profile. With your listings in your profile, homebuyers can view everything about your business in just one spot.


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