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FREE Real Estate Advertising for Agents

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A FREE real estate advertising solution, MyHomes Agent Profiles promote agents to active homebuyers visiting With a MyHomes Agent Profile, agents are listed in the Agent Directory and have the ability to customize their account in order to reflect their specific business.

Did you know that over 5.5 million homebuyers visit every month? With a MyHomes Agent Profile, you have free access to reach each and every homebuyer that visits the site. In fact, we wanted to learn more about the homebuyers visiting our site, so we asked them.

Here’s what we found out about the homebuyers who visit

    • 88% of homebuyers searching on do not search on


    • 81% of homebuyers searching on are still looking for a real estate agent


    • 54% of homebuyers searching on are first time homebuyers


As you can see, homebuyers who visit are not just searching for real estate listings, but they are in need of a real estate agent, especially those who are going through the homebuying process for the first time. A MyHomes Agent Profile gives you a free real estate advertising solution to reach local, active homebuyers, who are already searching for you.

So, what can you do with a MyHomes Agent Profile? First, connect with local homebuyers. Homebuyers who are searching for real estate listings and agents, are also posting thousands of real estate related questions in hopes of connecting with an expert. The more you engage these homebuyers, the better your chance becomes to not only meet new clients, but create an online real estate community where you are considered the expert.

Secondly, a MyHomes Agent Profile showcases you, your listings and your contact information in one place online. Your MyHomes Agent Profile serves as a one-stop-shop for homebuyers searching for real estate in your local area.

Let’s take a look at how agents can take advantage of free real estate advertising with a MyHomes Agent Profile:

    • Personalize your account. Upload your photo, update your contact information, write a business bio and so much more. You control the information that homebuyers see when viewing your profile. Customize it to meet your specific business needs.


    • Save listings for your buyers. Prepare for your next meeting! Run the exact search criteria of your buyers through the Advanced Search, and save the search to your MyHomes account. Saving your searches allows you to refer to them at a later date, directly from your MyHomes account. Or, if you find listings that are perfect for your buyers, you can save each one to your account as well. (If you’re on the go, check out the mobile search applications).


    • Participate and manage your Questions and Answers activities. Hundreds of homebuyers are posting real estate related questions on every day. Start by answering questions in your local area, then setup alerts for your local area and favorite topics. Share your expertise and remember to ask more probing questions to get the consumer to connect with you! Your MyHomes Agent Profile also allows you to manage your Questions and Answers activity directly from your MyHomes account.


Start reaching millions of homebuyers who are already searching for you on Add a FREE package to your real estate advertising budget by creating a MyHomes Agent Profile today!


SOURCE: MyHomes consumer Survey 2010