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We hope you kept busy this summer, closed plenty of sales, and found some time to relax, because here at, we’ve had a great summer. Besides adding huge upgrades to our agent and broker websites, working on publishing our first book (coming 9/12!), and working on optimizing your dashboard so you can quickly and easily make changes to your account, last month we announced an upgrade to our agent and broker website analytics program. Details about this exciting upgrade are given below!

To find your website analytics, log in to your dashboard, click the “Apps” menu, select the Business Intelligence section, then click on the link titled “KickFire.” From here you can access and review the reports available for your website. The traffic source infographic shows how many of your visitors came to your site by typing in the domain, performing a search engine query, or clicking on a link from a different website (a referral link). You’ll also see the total number of visitors.

Kickfire 1

Clicking on the “active visitors” button will display which page each visitor is on as well as how they came to your website. You can also click on an individual visitor to track the path they have taken through your site and receive real time updates.

Kickfire 2

To open a separate window with the same tracking capabilities, simply click on the Statcaster. This will allow you to review your active visitors while working on other projects.

Kickfire 3
You can also create email alerts that are triggered when certain conditions are met. For example, an alert could be set to notify you when a certain page is visited, like a featured search page. Once you’ve received the email notifying you of the activity, just log in and review where the current visitor is and what pages they’ve already visited.

Kickfire 4You can find the bulk of your reporting under the “Website Summary” section. Here you can get the full breakdown of the different aspects of your website.

Kickfire 5
Want to get in on the fun? Get a free account at, call us at (888) 651-8956, or email us at to learn how our great marketing, advertising, and business solutions (like our easy-to-use websites with KickFire reporting) can help agents and brokers like you win and convert more sales.