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The Questions and Answers community connects home buyers and sellers with real estate professionals like you. If used to it’s full potential the Q&A community is a valuable tool for you to receive more leads for FREE!
Below are 5 tips to maximize your results from the Q & A community:

  • Complete your profile: Maximizing your MyHomes agent profile is the first step to success on the Questions and Answers community. By adding a photo to your Agent Profile home buyers and sellers will associate with you on a more personal level and thus heighten the chances of them picking you for their agent. See our MyHomes Profile Quickstart Guide for step by step instructions on setting up your profile.
  • Set unlimited question alerts: Within your MyHomes Agent Profile you are able to set alerts for your local coverage areas in order to be contacted when questions are posted in your areas of choice. You can select to be contacted each time a question is posted in your area and there are no limitations to your coverage areas. In fact, you can set an unlimited number of market areas surrounding your primary advertising area. By setting alerts in ALL your local market areas and in ALL question categories, you will maximize your opportunities on! To set alerts for the Questions and Answers community click on the “Q&A” tab in your MyHomes account.
  • Be a quick responder: To ensure you never miss an opportunity to connect with homebuyers on, connect your MyHomes account to your smart phone. Connecting your account is as simple as using the same email address that forwards to your phone as your contact email address in your MyHomes account. This way, you’re guaranteed to receive an immediate email each time a new question is posted in your area. You can edit your email address in the “My Profile” section of your MyHomes account.
  • Respond with valuable information: Buyers and sellers who ask a question are looking for a quality answer. Don’t answer every question that is asked in your area with a shameless promotion for your business. By answering a consumer’s questions about real estate, you can demonstrate your value to them as an agent and build credibility in their eyes. Most likely the agent who answers a consumer’s question more thoroughly than their competition will more than likely win the client! Also, remember that consumers can rate the best answer for each question.
  • Become a top contributer: Top Q & A contributers from the last 30 days are featured as a Top Contributor on the National, State and Local level Q&A pages! That’s FREE advertising! Click here to learn more about featured top contributors.

You can also manage any of your questions or answers within your MyHomes account. Remember, the more you participate, the more connections you will make. So start connecting with home buyers in the Question and Answers community today!

If you don’t believe us that it works see what Pamela Dubois from Long & Foster Real Estate says:
“I was able to gain a new listing by providing a quick response to a question posted on Even as other agents were answering the same question, my dedication to quickly follow-up with the client allowed me to not only discuss the client’s situation more through email, but to also set an appointment to discuss their specific needs in person and I got the listing paperwork signed!”

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