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In the world of sports, the month of March is dedicated to the best of the best of collegiate basketball competing for the title of ‘NCAA National Champion.’ Marketing is just like any sport, especially basketball, in the sense that a marketing strategy requires skill, it consists of many moving parts and the opportunity to score is often met with the competition getting in the way. This year, real estate professionals are hungry for business and they’ll stop at nothing to score.

Being on offense allows you to look for opportunities to connect, communicate and close the deal with potential buyers and sellers. Market with intention. In the middle of a close game, a coach won’t make a play if it’s not going to help the team score or maintain the lead. In social media, you can create a variety of marketing plays to take you to your end goal, but make sure these plays are being implemented strategically.

Everyone’s favorite Prince of Bel Air, Will Smith, once said, “If you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready.” There will be times you will be on defense when it comes to protecting your reputation. It’s better to be in preventative mode rather than reactive mode when you’re safeguarding a multi-million dollar asset, such as your brand. Add this playbook to your marketing strategy to keep your brand in play when a threat impacts your reputation.

Easily pivoting from one social network to the next is going to build brand exposure and increase the opportunity for more people to see and connect with your messaging. It’s all about dexterity, both on the court and in the social space. Publishing your visual content to a social media avenue like Instagram allows you to give that content a longer life online, while helping you work smarter, not harder.

Get in the game and boost your marketing endurance with Social!