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Homes.comIn the United States alone there are over 150 million active users on Facebook which makes it THE social destination for online users. So in turn you may wonder “How am I supposed to utilize Facebook in my marketing strategy?” Facebook represents a tremendous opportunity to acquire new clients and business contacts, keep in touch with past clients and market your listings, so it should be an essential component of your online marketing strategy. Below are a few tips to optimize your social marketing on Facebook.

  • Should you create a profile or a page?
    A profile is for a person to connect with friends and a Page is for a business to connect with fans. Decide which route you would like to take. Facebook terms and conditions require users to make the distinction between using it for personal use or promoting a business. It’s important to stay within Facebook guidelines, so decide which option would best serve your needs and remember to keep your social voice and message consistent.
  • Acquiring New Contacts:
    There are so many great ways to acquire new contacts and friends on Facebook. First, remember that Facebook is a social environment. Your friends have friends and so on, so remember to keep your friends engaged. You can post real estate tips, listings, market conditions and much more, your friends can share it with their friends and a social chain is created! Next, create an interest group. Creating a unique group is a great way to keep in touch with business networking contacts you meet. You can leverage your expertise to become the expert in the group by engaging in discussions and sharing information in a neutral open forum.
  • Keeping in Touch:
    Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with anyone you know, whether it is a personal friend or a business contact. It is essential to friend your current clients on Facebook so you can engage them in conversation later on down the road. Keeping in touch with past clients will increase referral and repeat business.
  • Marketing your Listings:
    What if you could upload your listings automatically to Facebook? Well you can on! All you do is go to the listing on and click “Share on Facebook.” You then have the option to add additional information, for example “Just listed! Completely updated colonial in Norfolk.” You are able to share your listings on your own wall, on a friend’s wall or in a group. This brings more value to creating unique Facebook Groups.

In this day and age it is critical to have a social presence to reach potential clients and nurture current relationships. You can post your listings to your social network, but don’t hesitate to take the next step and engage in conversation with your audience by demonstrating your knowledge of the industry and your local market.