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Spring is in the air, the days are getting longer and warmer, and it is time for buyers to come out of hibernation. This a great time of year to host an Open House and lure those buyers to you. has everything you need to separate yourself from the crowd this season. In this 3-part series, we will take a close look at the Homes Connect applications that will prepare you to impress a few new buyers and maybe even sell that listing you are sitting at.

Marketing material is the cornerstone of any Open House. Here are three unique marketing materials you can create in the Design Center and Marketing Center applications of Homes Connect to make a memorable Open House.

Business Cards

To create Business Cards, log in to your Homes Connect dashboard, visit the Design Center, then select property cards. You’ll then have business cards that you carry with you everywhere you go. They are a perfect way to get your information into the pockets of new prospects. In the Design Center application, you can create business cards with your information on one side and information about the house on the other. Unlike bulky fliers that are likely to end up on the floorboards of their car, this business card can easily get stashed into a shirt pocket or even a wallet.

Property Cards

To create Property Cards, visit the Marketing Center, then select property cards. These are two-sided tent cards that make great display items. You can even create different property cards for various areas of the house. This will allow the buyer to get more information on specific features of the house as they explore without you. For example, take a collection of photos of the back yard, fill in the detail information about the yard and leave the cards on the back porch for guests to read over while they are enjoying some sunlight.


To create Property Brochures, visit the Marketing Center, then select brochures. Sure, it would be fantastic to write a contract and sell that beautiful listing at which you are spending the afternoon, but let’s be realistic. You are there to network with buyers and sell them on your services as a real estate agent. A slick tri-fold brochure about you and your company can be just what you need to do an impromptu buyer presentation.

Stay tuned for upcoming articles that will cover two other Homes Connect tools – Neighborhood Envoy and CMAzing – and how they can help you position yourself as the neighborhood expert!

Your Homes Connect dashboard is the one place you can go to for all your real estate marketing needs. If you would like assistance with any of these applications, please check out our new support website or contact us at 866-774-2947.