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In the first open house article, shared how to create some fantastic marketing materials using the Homes Connect Design Center. In the second article, you learned how to wow your open house guests with your local knowledge of the area using the Neighborhood Report application. Now it is time to close the deal and get them to hire you!

According to the NAR 2013 Survey of Buyers and Sellers, the top three most difficult steps for buyers are finding the right property, paperwork, and understanding the process. When you create a Buyer Tour with the CMAzing application, you can use the other active listings in the neighborhood to help your buyers better evaluate area homes based on their values and property specs like size and other amenities. The Buyer Tours organize all the information buyers need and demonstrates that you have the tools, knowledge, and experience to help them with all three of those difficult steps.

Here are three of the key features of the Buyer Tours that will help you secure a new buyer at your next open house!

1. Map and Listing Details of the Neighborhood Properties

The map will populate the locations of the other listings in the neighborhood. Then, each listing is shown separately with a photo and the property’s details. Go a step further and take the time to do a preview of the listings, then add your own remarks to the listing detail pages. This not only organizes the home search for them, but demonstrates your knowledge of the listings in the area.

2. Buyer Consultation

The Buyer Tour comes loaded with a standard checklist of items that you and the buyers should cover in the initial meeting, as well as throughout the buying process. However, taking a few minutes to load all of your personal buying process steps into the application will allow you to pull it for each new Buyer Tour you create. This detailed list of items to cover and accomplish from first meeting to final closing allows buyers to know exactly what to expect and makes them more comfortable with the process.

3. Loan Scenarios

Having a close partnership with a local lender can come in handy when completing these loan scenarios. The more accurate you can make these estimates, the better your new buyer is going to feel about the process. In the Buyer Tour, you can load three different loan scenarios at a time with the ability to customize everything from the size of the down payment to the cost of private mortgage insurance. Then the Buyer Tour will apply each of these loan scenarios to each of the listings in the report, giving your buyers estimated monthly and down payment amounts. The loan process is one of the hardest steps of buying a home, but makes it easier with a downloadable Mortgage Checklist that your buyers are sure to love.

Go to your next open house prepared to secure a new buyer using the various marketing templates and reports available to you in your Homes Connect Dashboard. For help setting up a Buyer Tour, check out our new Customer Support Website or contact us directly at 866-771-2947.