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It’s that time again. Before you start planning your resolution remember to think for 2012, stay positive, you can do it, we can all do it! It’s just a matter of focus and accountability. That’s right, New Year’s Resolution time. So, what is it going to be this year? You are going to announce, plan, follow through, stay positive, and repeat in 2012 to reach your goal! Remember those steps, you will need them again. What in 2011 has prevented you from accomplishing your resolution? Perhaps you have thought too big, too broad or too much.  For instance losing weight, this is too broad and gives you no specific goal to accomplish. A smaller more realistic resolution could be going to the gym once a week.

A habit can be formed in 2-3 weeks and after several months it is more likely to stick with your overall routine, so the following guidelines could help you organize your resolution plan and make it easier for you to reach your goal without negativity:

  • Announce. Be accountable not only to yourself but to your friends and family. We tend to let ourselves off easy when we give up on something we really wanted to do when we haven’t let the people around us in on it, just in case we fail, we give our self an easy out. It’s OK, in 2012, we’re only thinking positive thoughts, and that means it doesn’t matter who you tell because you will be accountable for yourself and you will do it. Let your loved ones guide you with a slight push toward YOUR goal.
  • Plan. Lay it out in steps starting with the overall goal and how you are going to get there. Schedule your plan in your daily or weekly routine. If you are going to the gym on Mondays, prepare prior and write it down, or you want to spend more time with family, then mark your calendar and theirs!
  • Follow Through. Stay motivated from the beginning. Waiting for the right moment to suddenly wake and be extremely motivated just causes us to drag our feet and sometimes not even begin the process. You made the resolution because part of you really wants to do this, so make that little part a BIG part of your push to start now.
  • Stay Positive. Keep your head up, it may be the hardest habit to break or the easiest habit to form but either way it’s new to you and it’s a New Year. You can increase your referrals, you can close this contract, you can sell that home faster than any other property in the neighborhood – you can and you will stay positive about this resolution. You miss a day, you think you have failed? Its OK, move forward with the plan, you’ll make it up later!
  • Repeat. Now when it’s a couple months down the road, time to assess? Have you kept up with your resolution and formed the habit? Maybe you fell off the wagon – it’s OK start again. Reevaluate the plan and see where you went wrong. For you new habit formers, don’t wait till 2013 for continued improvement. Start again, perhaps in a similar category.

As your 2011 business comes to a close be thinking about what you control and have the impact to change within your business, personal life, or community. We would wish you luck with your resolution, but it’s all you this year and you will conquer it all. With that said, what is your resolution?

Have fun welcoming the New Year, 2012!