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Louisiana Broker Works Smarter Not Harder
Technology has real estate professionals in a frenzy, fighting to position themselves as the local expert by providing the most innovative resources for buyers and sellers. Consumers conduct the bulk of their research on the go via their mobile devices and consult with their friends and family through social media to get recommendations. Leveraging marketing tools like a website with responsive web design technology and a comprehensive social media strategy are critical pieces to consider in building your business.

According to Bob Pezant, broker/owner of Pezant Real Estate in Hammond, La., has played an integral role in his team’s ability to provide a first class experience to clients and prospects. “When leads come into the company, if they belong to a particular agent’s listing, they go directly to that agent,” says Pezant, who goes on to say that in watching the leads that come in today, more of them appear to be coming from mobile phones than ever before.

To meet the growing demand for a mobile-friendly website, Pezant relies on’s responsive website design platform, Homes Connect Fusion™. “The first thing I noticed when I accessed the site is that it really pops,” says Pezant. “Not only is it much more attractive, it also stands out more.” As the newest addition to the Homes Connect Marketing Platform, Homes Connect Fusion™ allows his agents to build their website so that it seamlessly displays content across all devices. “The new site makes it more convenient for consumers to view information when accessing it via a mobile device. And it’s much more efficient for agents, as they don’t have to make any adjustments when transitioning between mobile devices.”

Pezant is confident that has provided him with the tools and technology to streamline the lead capture process, allowing his agents to work smarter, not harder. “We get leads from the MLS,® and others, and with Lead Gator, the leads that come in are placed in one central location,” says Pezant. From lead tracking to drip email campaigns, the Homes Connect dashboard serves as a central hub for everything that Pezant’s agents need to be successful. Furthermore, Pezant can monitor every lead to ensure that his agents are taking full advantage of each one.

Social media is another aspect of Pezant’s business, where he depends on the tools offered by “So many people are on social media today,” says Pezant. “Everyone looks that way, especially when it comes to matters related to real estate.” The good news for this Louisiana broker is that keeping up with his firm’s presence on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest has become a breeze, thanks to “They take care of everything for me,” says Pezant, whose clients are starting to see a lot more of his team across all channels. In addition to managing all of Pezant Real Estate’s social accounts,’s Social Premier program has kept his team organized enough to give them a leg up on their competition.

Looking for a way to create your own competitive advantage? Check out the Homes Connect Marketing platform, a comprehensive marketing suite of tools that allow you to manage your contacts, listings, website, email marketing, social media and much more!