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Did you know that videos are expected to account for up to 79% of internet traffic in 2016 (Cisco)? From Vine to Go-Pro, there have been many advancements to video in the past several years, which makes it easy to take and share video anywhere. Now, there is a new tool practically made for real estate: 360 video.

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What is 360 Video?

At first, 360 video involved several cameras in a single framework with the lenses pointed in different directions so each camera could individually record separate videos. These videos would later be “stitched” together to form one video. Now, 360 cameras come as a single unit with different lenses pointed in various directions so your viewer can use their mouse or phone to look up, down, and all around the shot.

How to make 360 videos:

Once you have a 360 camera, all you have to do is hold the camera or position it with a tripod, and press record. There are several options for a 360 camera with software that will automatically do any editing required to make the various angles come together into a single video.

What to record:

360 video was created with extreme sports enthusiasts in mind, but this format works really well for real estate, too. Do you have a listing with a fantastic garden? Take your camera out to the yard to allow buyers to get a peek at the gorgeous opportunity waiting for them. Create 360 video tours by walking your camera through a listing so viewers can get a feel for the layout of the property. You can also record videos of neighborhood parks, open houses, “about us” office videos, etc. For more ideas, be sure to check out these 5 Tips to Nail Your Next Real Estate Video!

Where to post them:

As of 2015, both Facebook and YouTube can display most 360 Videos. When choosing your camera, make sure yours will work with major social sites. Those viewing your 360 videos on their computer will be able to use their mouse to change the angle they see. Mobile viewers can move their device to change their perspective. Right now, Firefox and Chrome have the display incorporated nicely, but people viewing your videos on Internet Explorer may not be able to change from the frontal view of your video.

If a picture is worth a thousand words and a one minute video is worth over a million, how much is a 360 video worth? It can definitely be a good way to distinguish yourself from other agents in your market, and that alone is worth a lot. If you’re looking for another way to set yourself apart, ask us how you can dominate the cities in your market by putting your listings one click away from Google with’s New Featured Agent program! Call us at 888-510-8795 or email us at to speak to a representative.