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We have great news about your listings on! We’ve just completed the first phase of a site redesign focused on listing detail pages, yielding faster page load times, more customer interaction and, consequently, more lead inquiries than ever before! During our testing phase, we have seen an increase in lead conversions close to 30%!

So, what’s new?

●       A cleaner, more user-friendly listing detail page — interested homebuyers will be able to better engage with your listings & get a better idea of what you have to offer them.

●       Lead forms moved to the left side, making it easier for consumers to inquire about listings — when it’s easier to make a connection, it’s easier to convert a lead!

●       Added agent and brokerage names above the fold next to listing photos to make them more visible to homebuyers (for preferred listings only) — more visibility means more engagement.

●       Updated photo view, including the new “slider,” allowing consumers to see  photos faster and easier — your photos are what make your listings come to life. This new feature allows homebuyers to better experience the homes you have to offer.

●       Larger map views — the world is at your clients’ fingertips with 

●       Prompts for the consumer to request more information on missing listing details — if the homebuyer doesn’t see a detail he/she needs, there is a call to action to get in touch with you directly. 

●       More listing information appears above the fold — less scrolling yields more clicking through your listings!

Why did we make these improvements?

By improving design and functionality, we are increasing your listings’ visibility on, making you a more successful real estate professional and giving homebuyers a better experience on our site. Everyone wins with these new improvements!

The best news is that this is only the start of some major enhancements to In the coming weeks, we will be making even more design upgrades focusing on increased consumer engagement. Keep an eye out for more information about these upcoming improvements to and, as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888-642-0085.