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Any real estate agent or broker can attest to the importance of leads. Whether they come in the form of a phone call, an email, an online submission form or a warm body walking through the door of an open house, leads bring in new business. With the emergence of social media, marketers are discovering new ways to bring in new leads as well as boost their referral network. Imagery, content marketing and mobile consumption are just several of many trends used to discover and create lead generation.

Let visual social media do the heavy lifting and drive new traffic to your online listing. Video is a great way to gain new leads. According to a study conducted by Animoto, 96 percent of the people surveyed claimed they find it helpful when online companies include videos. More specifically, 71 percent formed a positive impression of a brand or business simply because it offered video content, and 58 percent deemed companies that produced branded videos trustworthy. A video tour of your listings not only place that property in a positive light showing your best side, it builds credibility and motivates your potential buyer or renter to make contact.

Content marketing is a trend quickly being adopted by B2B marketers. Industry thought leaders like Creative Director & Co-founder of Velocity, Doug Kessler, have found that content marketing connects with consumers drawing them into a conversation. Kessler states, “Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.”  In an arena where traditional publicity is equivalent to a brand tooting its own horn, content marketing is all about brands sharing valuable and useful information that motivates the consumer to toot their horn for and promote word of mouse for them.

Mobile is the mode of choice for most consumers. The lifestyle of the everyday American is on-the-go more than ever making a smartphone the go-to device of choice when it comes to engaging on social networks and conducting research. In fact, prospects searching on mobile act within 24 hours of their search. Talk about instant gratification  and lead generation. With the power of mobile offerings like Homes Connect Fusion™, it’s absolutely possible to close a deal within 24 hours these days.

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