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It’s your job to sell homes; it’s our job to create marketing tools and strategies to help you do that. Explaining and exploring those tools with you is a part of that process. Whether you are completely new to the Homes Connect family, or have been using our products for some time, we have a variety of  training opportunities available, including many new webinars and videos, to help you successfully utilize your Homes Connect product.


New to Homes Connect?

When you first sign up for a Homes Connect product, your business consultant, working alongside the other business consultants on the team, will walk you through and explain your purchase in what’s called a “product review.” This review will get you better acquainted with your product,  but it’s not where the learning has to stop.

You can also receive a great overview of your Homes Connect product at a LIVE webinar!  In our introductory-level session, “Getting Started with the Homes Connect Dashboard,” you’ll learn the basics of your product so you can start using it right away!

Ready to Explore More of Homes Connect?

Through our in-depth webinar series, you will be able to join with other  real estate professionals and meet with a Homes Connect product expert to learn about a variety of product features and topics. These webinars are designed for the agent that wishes to learn everything there is to know about a specific area of Homes Connect. In fact we have some new webinar offerings covering how to properly maintain connections in our “Convert Priority Leads and Manage Established Contacts” webinar, as well as the benefits of sending and receiving endorsements in the “MyHomes Application and Personalization Guide” class.

These webinars are structured to be interactive and educational experiences; you are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to ask questions and participate!

No Time for a Live Webinar?

No problem!  We offer a series of how-to videos on our YouTube Channel.  We cover all the essential parts of your Homes Connect product such as navigating the dashboard and customizing your design themes, with straightforward guidance and explanations. These videos are especially helpful for those instances when time isn’t a luxury, and you only have a few minutes to spare! Short, direct, and to the point. Within a few clicks, you’ll have the information you need and be on your way!

You can find our complete series of videos HERE!

Through our training programs, our goal is to make sure you get most out of your Homes Connect product. Whether it’s through communication with your Business Consultant, live webinars with hands on practice or at your own pace through our YouTube video series, we are ready to do whatever it takes to prepare you for your journey ahead with Homes Connect.