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HDC_Buying_Season_Blog_2660_1200x630.jpgIn times of great confusion, who do buyers want on their side? A Super Agent, that’s who! Are you prepared to rise to the challenge and be the super agent your buyers need you to be? Use your great knowledge for good: help them find their new home! With the unofficial kickoff of the buying season fast approaching, your time to prepare is short. Get ready to save the day with these three tips!

Prepare your online presence

Before a hero can save people, they must look the part. Instead of donning a cape and mask, make sure your online presence is equipped with all the super info buyers are looking for. Audit your social accounts, portal profiles, website, etc. to make sure all the buyers know how to call out to you for HELP!

Audit and sort your leads

Did you save a young couple from buying the wrong home last year? Are they grouped with other young first-time homeowners in your personal sorting system or are they just one more contact in your list of “solds”? Those young homeowners you helped buy a home have different needs than the family who downsized after their kids went off to college. Audit and sort your various leads and contacts into categories so you can launch your next marketing crusade with maximum effect.

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Reach out to your sphere of influence

Once your online presence and database are ready, reach out! Now is a great time to start asking your past clients for referrals and your cold leads to reconnect. Create and send different campaigns to each of your main lists (now that you have them all sorted) to elicit the best possible results from each. For example, someone who bought a home last year isn’t likely to be moving any time soon. Ask them for referrals. However, someone who bought a home seven or eight years ago may well be ready for a change. Ask them if they’d like to receive a free comparative market analysis.

However you get ready to kickoff the buying season, wants to help you achieve super results. In our learning library you’ll find free, customizable guides, checklists, and ebooks you can use to save old contacts from working with your arch enemy. We also have a free, personalizable House Hunting Checklist to help your new clients find the perfect home.