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Stop by our Booth for a chance to win Kindle Fire!Keller Williams Family Reunion starts today and we couldn’t be more excited! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook during the convention to stay updated with what’s going on. You want to win a Kindle Fire, right? Then definitely, write – this – down, Booth 230! Visit at Booth 230 because there you will be scanned by a team member and that will register you to win the Kindle Fire. Sounds easy enough right? Come on, we are waiting for you. is sharing a lot of awesome details including special show offers and product information. We are also providing you with one of your favorite speakers, Joe Sesso and his Top Technology Trends presentation on Sunday and Monday at 3 pm EST. While you’re at the booth make sure to ask one the guys in the orange shirts how your business ranks online in their reputation. Joe will also be explaining the Search Impact product which we also have recently blogged about.

Our booth is also included in the very fun Keller Williams Scavenger Hunt, so that’s another reason to be scanned. Guess KW wants to win a Kindle Fire just as mush as we want you too! We are anxious to see all of you and eager to learn what you are looking for to grow your business everyday. Let be a part of your 2012 marketing plan and let’s start today by shaking hands at Booth 230. See you soon!