With summer in full effect, there are many families who consider a pool to be a main selling point of a home. Pools can be a great way for families to connect and even host parties as the years go on. However, pools can also be extremely hazardous to pets and small children, so be sure to advise your clients of ways to be safe should they decide to purchase a home with a pool.

Alarms and Locks

There are many safety features to make sure that your client’s child will not accidentally find their way into their pool. You can start by suggesting your clients purchase door alarms or extra locks that can prevent a pool emergency.

Door alarms, similar to those that come with a security system, can be purchased so that if your client’s child does go out the backdoor near a pool, your clients will know by the sound of the alarm. These alarms are easy to install. All you have to do is put one on the backdoor (or any door) and when the door is opened, the alarm goes off.

Your clients can also purchase additional childproof locks that can be placed around door handles that can prevent children from going out the door. Taking simple measures like purchasing extra locks and alarms can literally be a lifesaving technique for your client’s children.

Pool Fences

You have probably sold many homes that have a pool cage around the pool to prevent children from wandering in unattended. Your clients can purchase these gates and install them around the pool easily to ensure the safety of their children.

If your clients are unsure about the gates, you can simply remind them that they are not permanent and can be taken down once their child is old enough to not require it.

Local Education Opportunities

Another way that your clients can keep their children safe around pools is to share information about local water safety classes in the area. There are many places that you can suggest your clients take their children to learn about being safe around water.

You can check with local fire departments or even recreation centers to see if there are opportunities where their children can go to learn about being safe in and around water. Not only does this show your genuine concern for your clients and their family, but you also get to showcase local businesses that educate on water safety.

Hopefully after reading this blog, you feel ready to share some ways that your clients can keep their children safe around the pools of their new home. Not only are you showing that you care for your clients and their children, but you are also showcasing the local businesses in the area. If you are looking to get more exposure in your city, check out Homes.com’s City Sponsor..