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Leads. Prospects. Clients. Referrals. People. That’s what real estate all boils down to: contacts. As a general rule, the more people you can reach, the more successful your business will be. For this reason, the lead pipeline is a favorite sales approach for many real estate professionals.

You start the pipeline with a lot of names, email addresses, and phone numbers, and by the time you reach the end of the pipeline, you have transaction ready individuals. Here are a few new tactics you can employ to make sure you cast a wide net online, collect as many potential clients as possible, and ensure you have a steady stream of leads entering your pipeline.

Drive Web Traffic Through Social Sites

Listing exposure is great, but instead of putting all your listing’s details on Facebook, leave viewers wanting more. Put a few of your listing’s best photos up along with a listing description and a tag to catch their interest, something like “recently reduced,” “new listing,” or “great location.” Don’t tell them where the listing is or how much it costs. Let them click over to your website for that.

Once you have a client on your site, your chances of capturing them are better than they were on your social media page. With the home field advantage, you can use your site registration settings to capture the lead. Once you get their information, let them see the whole listing. All the photos, price, location, etc. That way, if it turns out the listing isn’t going to work for them, they’re already in the ideal location to search other properties and make inquiries.

Feature Listings – Even if They Aren’t Yours

It can be hard to keep a steady stream of active homes for sale, especially if you are in your first few years of real estate. However, listings are what draw prospects to your site. One way to beef up your inventory is to find agents who are willing to let you market their listings for them. It’s still their listing, but you feature it on your social sites and website along with any active listings you do have. This helps the other agent move their listing faster, and it gives you one more hook to draw people to your site.

Make Time For Priority Goals

Planning your schedule when you could be called for a showing or listing emergency at any time is like trying building a house of cards. Any number of tiny, unforeseeable incidents can bring the whole thing crashing down. Despite this, or because of it, time management is vital to your prospecting efforts. With this in mind, the final new tip is time blocking.

Each day, set aside time to do the things you know will fill your pipeline with new leads. Maybe you work on a drip email campaign for prospects one day and call past clients on another. Once you’ve identified your most crucial tasks, block off time to accomplish them. Pick a time that you can clear every day and keep it clear.

Another way to fill your pipeline is by setting up your FREE profile. You’ll get a copy of every lead generated by your listings.’s Local Connect is another great option. Local Connect sends you property inquiries from active buyers and sellers on in your zip code who are ready to transact.