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HDC-Move-for-Hunger-2374Did you know that nearly 50 million Americans struggle to find their next meal?  What if there was a simple way that you could help these people?  Well, there is!  As a real estate professional, you help people who are relocating every day.  Along with all of the “stuff” that gets thrown out when your clients move is perfectly good, unopened, non-perishable food that can be rescued and brought to your local food pantry.  That is where Move For Hunger comes in!  Move For Hunger mobilizes the relocation industry to reduce food waste and fight hunger.  

The Move For Hunger Real Estate Program is an international network of socially responsible real estate professionals dedicated to ending hunger in their communities and helping their clients take action.  Move For Hunger provides customized marketing materials for their real estate partners to include in their daily processes, from listing presentations and open houses, to emails and websites.  These materials educate clients about hunger in their communities and provide the opportunity to donate their food when they move.  From there, Move For Hunger’s network of professional moving companies offer to pick up the donated food items during the move and deliver it to your local food pantry.

In addition to providing materials to promote awareness, Move For Hunger works with real estate offices and agents to organize engaging community-wide food drive events and fundraisers.  Move For Hunger’s team guides you through the logistics, from designing promotional flyers and sending out press releases, to delivering the food directly to your local food pantry.  There are an endless amount of easy ways to get involved in the fight against hunger – the sky is the limit!

Visit for more information, or email to chat about getting your office signed up today!

Since 2009, Move For Hunger has grown to work with thousands of real estate professionals across North America.  Together we have delivered over 6 million pounds of food to food banks – enough to provide over 5 million meals to those in need.  Help us provide even more lifesaving meals during 2016 – YOU can make a difference! Click Here to get involved.