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Your buyer has enlisted your help with marketing their home for sale and understanding how home value plays a role in this process. Determining the ideal price is one of the best ways to get that home sold quickly. According to Steve Cook, managing editor of Real Estate Economy Watch, experts predict prices will rise 3% to 4% this year, only about one-third as much as they increased last year. That is based on expectations that interest rates will rise above 5% or even higher.

So when marketing properties for your clients, it is crucial to keep in mind what interest rates the average buyer may or may not qualify for. This will help determine the best pricing for the home that the client is placing on the market. Here are a few things you can arm your clients with so that they understand why you’ve recommended certain pricing.

When the seller is looking to list their home on the market, it’s important for them to know their home’s value. Once the seller is aware of what the value of their property is, it can help determine whether it is a good time to sell, the appropriate list price and even shed some light on how big of a mortgage they can take for a future home. Additionally, if your client is considering making improvements to their home before selling, it is important that they are knowledgeable of how much or how little additional profit it may result. Encourage your clients to sign up today to receive alerts about their home’s value on the home value channel.

In addition to a seller’s home value, current real estate market trends are also a factor in pricing a home for a quick sale. Keep in mind that future buyers will be concerned about home prices and any fluctuations inside the neighborhood. Use’s Local Market Index to assist with educating both the seller and potential buyers on the trends and recovery rates for your market, as these reports can offer peace of mind to buyers who are seeking more information regarding the current state of the housing market.

When clients are faced with a life-changing experience such as selling or buying a home, you are the first person that they will look to for advice. Therefore, it is essential to equip them with the information they need to make a smart business choice, such as downloading the Local Market Reports to share information regarding the home value performance in their particular neighborhood or zip code with your clients. For additional information that may benefit your clients, visit the resource center for consumer checklists and eBooks to download and customize with your branding.