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Some may argue that the new social media trend is just a phase. Like bell-bottom jeans and Stevie Nicks hair, it will eventually become a thing of the past. Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and LinkedIn are becoming vastly popular throughout the real estate industry, though many are discouraged or challenged for participation on these sites..

Why people feel social media is just a phase:
According to columnist Marc Davidson…
1. Social media is stupid and full of people writing nonsense about what they are doing at any given moment.
2. It takes up too much time, and most real estate professionals would not be able to manage social media sites.
3. It is a generational “fad”.
4. Many people do not feel the need to reveal personal information about themselves to others.

Why it’s not:
1. Free and positive exposure
• One positive about social media sites is that they are completely free to sign up for. Professionals in the real estate industry spend thousands of dollars every year marketing themselves. Why not have the same impact at no cost to you?
• Another plus to having your own page is that you control what you share with potential clients. Put your best foot forward by sending out a positive message about your practice.

2. Builds personal relationships between home buyers and agents
• When you participate in social media you have the opportunity to learn valuable information about your target audience. This will give you an advantage that before could only have been achievable through immense effort and money. By sharing information between home buyers, you can eventually gain their trust and confidence. It is also a great way to network. Social media sites are designed to connect with other people, and it may be the case that your connections will make recommendations to their connections. That’s the magic of social media networking.

3. Unlimited reach and possibilities
• Almost everyone has access to the Internet these days, and many participate in some form of social media. According to, Facebook currently has over 200 million active members, and the fastest growing demographics are those over 35 years old, proving that it’s not just the younger generations looking to make connections. This may come as a surprise to many individuals looking to gain business from home buyers. LinkedIn also attracts older professionals that may be looking for a new home to buy. Imagine the reach. The possibilities for networking are truly endless.

4. Feedback
• How do people feel about you? In order to improve your services and gain more clients, feedback is essential. Social media allows you to get unbiased feedback for free. Just like this blog, you can have members comment on how they feel about you.

What’s your opinion?