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One of the most important steps to ensure that your website is sending business your way is optimizing it for mobile. In fact, a National Association of Realtor’s study uncovered that 89% of home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset and throughout their research. Google’s new mobile algorithm is being released today, so its time to take action and have your website up and running on mobile devices.

Experts are calling this monumental change “Mobilegeddon” because it’s expected to transform the internet as we know it, and since Google is the world’s most popular search engine, it’s critical that your audience can discover you here. Today is “D-day” and if your website isn’t prepped for a mobile audience, it needs to be done now. Make sure you know the requirements of Google’s new algorithm to get a better idea of what steps still need to be taken.

Since you’re already working on your website to get it ready for “Mobilegeddon,” why not use this time to ensure it includes the tools your audience will be looking for during their search for a home? NAR’S annual Profile of Buyers and Sellers Report provides an overview of what your industry looked like in 2014 and breaks down the overall consumer experience during a real estate transaction. From the most sought after features of a home to uncovering where consumers found the real estate professional they decided to do business with, this survey is your ticket for a ride through the minds of your audience. dug through this report in order to create the “Top 10 Website Features Buyers Want from You” Infographic. From interactive maps to neighborhood descriptions, this is your guide to creating a website that includes all the tools your audience is looking for during their search for a home.
There’s no question that a quality website is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. Make sure you check off all the features on this infographic today to ensure that when someone lands on your website, they won’t have a reason to go anywhere else! Also, visit our blog to learn more about Google’s new mobile algorithm and find tips on how to be fully prepared for today’s release of “Mobilegeddon”.


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