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“Going Green” is increasingly becoming a way of life, less of a trend, cost-efficient and dare we say, interconnected to solid real estate markets.  It is no surprise that some of America’s largest metropolises are being recognized for their environmentally-friendly efforts from alternative and public transportation to organic restaurants and recycling and composting laws.  In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), shares this infographic featuring top eco-friendly cities that found it IS easy to be green!  They not only protect our earth but their efforts appear to be protecting the value of real estate. 
In addition to preserving the environment, these eco-cities real estate markets are also thriving.  Chicago is one of the leaders in this movement with over 5.5 million square feet of plants lining the city’s rooftops. The “windy city” is no exception with a median asking price of $225,000, which has risen 10% from prior months.  Further, check out our extended report on other leading cities that are cleaning up their act, Going Green: America’s Top Eco-Cities. 
With this green movement in full effect, what is your experience marketing properties with sustainable amenities or helping your “eco-clients” relocate to green cities? Is your local area making strides toward becoming a more environmentally-conscious place to live? Tell us about your experiences on our Facebook page and share our green living content with homebuyers and sellers.  Who knows maybe your next property will be in a city where every day is “Earth Day”!