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Stand Out and Sell More
Full service real estate pros know how to compete with information overload and are comfortable stepping in to supply information where the Internet leaves off. Buyers and sellers need a trusted guide to transform overwhelming information into valuable knowledge. Real estate pros who know the difference between data, information and knowledge will be a step ahead.

Real estate information overload on the Internet also presents issues for agents. Data is unstructured, individual bits of information, such as MLS data some agents give their customers.

Information can be defined as data displayed graphically in maps, graphs or charts that can help buyers quickly understand the details of homes, schools and neighborhoods.

Knowledge is information that can be applied to a specific client’s circumstances to make better buy­ing and selling decisions. Real estate knowledge that answers practical questions – Is this neighborhood more or less expensive than my current neighborhood? – will help you win business.

Make information overload work for you. Too much information will raise concerns about choosing the wrong house, the wrong neighborhood, wrong school or wrong financing. The key is listening to your buyers and to anticipate the information they really need. If you can cull out the misinformation and non-relevant information, buyers will appreciate your service.

In addition to helping you win business, real estate information can help real estate pros avoid steering issues. Agents can’t say whether a school is good or bad. But they can deliver a report comparing SAT scores, graduation rates, student-to-faculty ratios and other information that can help their clients decide.

It’s your role to package, personalize and interpret information for your prospects, buyers and sellers. And the best way to make complex information quick and easy-to-understand is to make it graphic. Want to learn more ways in which you can deliver knowledge to prospects? Download our free eBook Stand Out and Sell More: Using Real Estate Knowledge to Build your Business. Download the Free eBook!