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If a buyer is browsing through listings on and begins to narrow their list down, how many listings without photos do you believe are on their list? Many people are visual creatures and would skip right over a listing without at least one photo. In this buyer’s market quality listing photos are necessary to make a good first impression.  A survey conducted by the Realtors’ association says that when it comes to web features that buyers consider “very useful,” 83 percent cited pictures, 81 percent cited detailed property information and 60 percent cited virtual tours.

It should be of utmost importance to present each property in the best manner.  A fundamental component is to include as many quality photos as possible. A digital camera is a must have for a real estate agent in this day and age. A camera with a wide angle capability of 28mm or more will capture more of the room than a standard lens.  Stand in the corner of the room, then take a few steps back to ensure the room appears spacious in your photo.  A wide angle lense will enable you to stand closer and still fit in the frame. If you have the budget you may want to consider hiring a professional real estate photographer in your area.

Before snapping your photos you should be sure to stage each room.  Make sure to turn on every light in the room and remove clutter, even photographs the family may have displayed throughout the house should be removed. It is best if the light is coming from behind you.  Remove throw rugs from the floors and tablecloths from the kitchen and dining room tables.  Even if you don’t believe you will use all of them I suggest to get one good shot of every room from many angles. While taking the exterior photo you may want to stand across the street or even on your car to get a clear shot that shows the entire exterior.  If it snows in your local area be sure to replace the snow photos once it melts.  Just remember that home buyers ARE judging listings on photos so be sure to do your listings justice.