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HDC_Blog_Image_2048According to the NAR Survey of Buyers and Sellers, 89% of all buyers say they would “probably” or “definitely” recommend their agent to others. So why haven’t your buyers sent you a referral? Well as the saying goes, “What have you done for me lately?”- If you are not in regular communication with your former buyers, they tend to forget about you.

Many of you have probably said, “This year I am really going to start getting those birthday cards out every month.” But have you considered skipping the postage and really connecting with your sphere of influence with a simple text message. Everyone likes to be remembered on their birthday and sending a text is a great way to get back to the top of mind with past clients and old friends. There are several advantages of going with a birthday text over the traditional birthday card.

  • Expenses
    • Birthday cards with postage can be $.40-$1.00 or more.
    • A text is included in your mobile phone bill.
  • Time
    • Signing, addressing, and mailing a birthday card takes at least 30 seconds.
    • Selecting the contact, typing “Happy Birthday!”, and hitting send only takes 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Timeliness
    • Say their birthday is on the 12th and they live in the next city over. If the 10th falls on a  Sunday, then you need to mail the card on the 9th before 5pm to ensure it arrives before the 12th.
    • Today is their birthday. Send the text anytime, just not while you are driving.
  • Open line of communication
    • A past client receives the birthday card and thinks, “Ah that is nice, I need to tell him to call my cousin about selling her house. I will definitely do that tomorrow.” Will tomorrow ever come?
    • A past client receives the text and instantly replies, “Thank You! I can’t believe we have been in this house over a year now. By the way, you should call my cousin Mary Miller 555-555-5555 because she’s thinking about downsizing.”
  • Length of Contact
    • A birthday card is read and tossed, if not instantly, at least within a day or two.
    • A text message thread will remain in the phone’s history for months, if not more.

Staying top of mind is critical to maintaining strong relationships with past buyers and there’s no better way to do this than by showing that you are keeping them in mind too. Sending a text message is a simple yet effective way to show that you appreciate their business and that you continue to provide value after they’ve settled into their new home. So next time you want to recognize someone on their big day, forget about going to the store to get a birthday card and just pick up your phone!